Pop / Timex

Pop Trading Company & Timex help out those who tend to be behind on time by moving the hour marks back one hour. A dissection of movement and time using zoetropes and other practical FX.

Director: Patrick Louwerse
Production Company: Artillerie Executive
Producer: Philippe AvendaƱo Vera
DOP: Thomas Van krugten
1st AC: David Koster
Gaffer: Berend Holskamp
Production Design: Jorn van der Putte, A Small Gang Studio
A Small Gang Crew: Lucas de Bruin, Pepin Steenkamp, Rafael van Hoften Production Manager: Sara Vallis
Edit/VFX: Patrick Louwerse
Grading: Joppo in de Grot
Music: Efrem Angela
Sounddesign: Sharkee
Cast: Alex Raymaekers, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Jair Gravenberch, Pascal Moelaert, An Vo, Logan Dasilvaortiz

Pop Trading Company: Ric Rest, Peter Kolks, Twan Stoffels